My Testimonials


"Gerri worked hard at referring my home to her friends and co-workers.  She went out of her way to help resolve issues that came with the sale.  I couldn't have asked for anyone who did so much, so gracefully."

                                                                                                             Carla F.


"A very personable and knowledgeable professional.  Gerri maximized the sale price.  This recent sale was my second listing with Gerri."

                                                                                                             Guy G.

"Gerri has been most helpful and was successful in closing the sale ahead of schedule."

                                                                                                            Richard H.


"Gerri was prompt and efficient answering my emails and calls.  Gerri was very honest and up front when I asked about what price my home should be listed.  The other agents told us what we wanted to hear--not what the home would sell for in the current market.  I am so glad Gerri was the one to sell my home!"

                                                                                                            Nancy J.